IIHF World Junior Championship 2025 winners and medalists

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) organizes an annual under-20 Ice Hockey World Junior Championship event for ice hockey teams from all over the world. It is traditionally held from late December to early January, and it features the top ten ranked hockey nations in the world. It comprises the ‘Top Division’ whereby the world champion is crowned. Divisions, I, II, and III are the three lower divisions that play separate tournaments, with the winner being promoted to a higher pool. The last-placed team is relegated to a lower pool.

1977 is when the first official tournament was held. It was originally started as the invitational tournaments in 1974, 1975, and 1976, but IIHF was not listed as the official medalist.

Who is the current winner of the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships?

USA beats Sweden (6-2) in the Gold Medal Game and is the latest champion of the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship in Scandinavium, Gothenburg Sweden,

How many World Juniors gold medals does Canada have?

Team Canada has 20 Gold medals in 47 world junior championships.

How many world junior gold medals does the Soviet Union/CIS/Russia have?

13 gold medals in 47 world junior championships.

How many world juniors gold medals does the USA have?

Team United States has 6 golds in 47 world junior championships.

Since its foundation, only 45 official tournaments have been sanctioned by the IIHF. The gold medal has been won by six nations and ten nations have taken medals. Canada dominated the tournament with 18 gold medals, and Russia won 13 gold medals. The first four tournaments were won by the USSR, whereas Canada won five straight championships twice from 1993 to 1997 and between 2005 to 2009.

Who won the most World Juniors?

The all-time gold medalist is Canada with 20 golds, whereas Russia/Soviet Union comes in second with 13 golds. The dawn of the 2010s has seen the emergence of the United States and Finland, with both teams winning three gold medals. Canada has won two gold medals, while Sweden and Russia each have won one gold medal.

2024Scandinavium, Frolundaborg, in Gothenburg, SwedenUSASwedenCzechia
2023Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Moncton, New Brunswick, CanadaCanadaCzechiaUnited States
2022Edmonton and Red Deer, CanadaCanadaFinlandSweden
2021Edmonton, CanadaUnited StatesCanadaFinland
2020Ostrava & Trinec, Czech RepublicCanadaRussiaSweden
2019Vancouver & Victoria, CanadaFinlandUnited StatesRussia
2018Buffalo, N.Y.CanadaSwedenUnited States
2017Montreal and Toronto, CanadaUnited StatesCanadaRussia
2016Helsinki, FinlandFinlandRussiaUnited States
2015Montreal / Toronto, CanadaCanadaRussiaSlovakia
2014Malmo, SwedenFinlandSwedenRussia
2013Ufa, RussiaUnited StatesSwedenRussia
2012Calgary / Edmonton, CanadaSwedenRussiaCanada
2011Buffalo / Niagara, N.Y.RussiaCanadaUnited States
2010Regina / Saskatoon, CanadaUnited StatesCanadaSweden
2009Ottawa, CanadaCanadaSwedenRussia
2008Pardubice / Liberec, Czech RepublicCanadaSwedenRussia
2007Leksand / Mora, SwedenCanadaRussiaUnited States
2006Kamloops / Kelowna / Vancouver, CanadaCanadaRussiaFinland
2005Grand Forks, N.D. / Thief River Falls, Minn.CanadaRussiaCzech Republic
2004Helsinki / Hameenlinna, FinlandUnited StatesCanadaFinland
2003Halifax / Sydney, CanadaRussiaCanadaFinland
2002Pardubice / Hradec Kralove, Czech RepublicRussiaCanadaFinland
2001Moscow / Podolsk, RussiaCzech RepublicFinlandCanada
2000Skelleftea / Umea, SwedenCzech RepublicRussiaCanada
1999Winnipeg, CanadaRussiaCanadaSlovakia
1998Helsinki / Hameenlinna, FinlandFinlandRussiaSwitzerland
1997Geneva / Morges, SwitzerlandCanadaUnited StatesRussia
1996Boston, Mass.CanadaSwedenRussia
1995Red Deer, CanadaCanadaRussiaSweden
1994Ostrava / Frydek-Mistek, Czech RepublicCanadaSwedenRussia
1993Gavle / Fulun, SwedenCanadaSwedenCzechoslovakia
1992Fussen / Kaufbeuren, GermanyCISSwedenUnited States
1991Saskatoon, CanadaCanadaSoviet UnionCzechoslovakia
1990Helsinki / Turku, FinlandCanadaSoviet UnionCzechoslovakia
1989Anchorage, Alaska, United StatesSoviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakia
1988Moscow, Soviet UnionCanadaSoviet UnionFinland
1987Piestany, CzechoslovakiaFinlandCzechoslovakiaSweden
1986Hamilton, CanadaSoviet UnionCanadaUnited States
1985Helsinki / Turku, FinlandCanadaCzechoslovakiaSoviet Union
1984Nykoping, SwedenSoviet UnionFinlandCzechoslovakia
1983Leningrad, Soviet UnionSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanada
1982Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minn.CanadaCzechoslovakiaFinland
1981Fussen / Augsburg, GermanySwedenFinlandSoviet Union
1980Helsinki, FinlandSoviet UnionFinlandSweden
1979Karlstad, SwedenSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSweden
1978Montreal, CanadaSoviet UnionSwedenCanada
1977Bystrica-Zvolen, CzechoslovakiaSoviet UnionCanadaCzechoslovakia
1976Tampere, FinlandSoviet UnionCanadaCzechoslovakia
1975U.S. / CanadaSoviet UnionCanadaSweden
1974Leningrad, Soviet UnionSoviet UnionFinlandCanada