Complete World Juniors 2022 game schedule

The 2022 World Juniors game schedule for the 10-team tournament is confirmed on Thursday from Boxing day. This is the 46th edition of the Junior Ice Hockey tournament takes place from December 26, 2021, to January 5, 2022, in two different locations at Rogers Place in Edmonton and the Peavey Mart Centrium in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

When is World Juniors 2022?

The 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship is scheduled from Dec. 26 to Jan. 5 in Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

When is World Juniors gold medal game?

The World Juniors championship game is the gold medal game that takes place on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET at Edmonton.

How many matches in the 2022 world juniors have?

There are 31 matches that will be played in the 2022 world juniors tournament from Dec. 26, 2021, to Jan. 5, 2022, in Canada take place at Rogers Place in Edmonton and the Peavey Mart Centrium in Red Deer, Alberta.

What TV channel host the 2022 World Juniors in the US?

The NHL Network has extensive broadcasting rights to the 2022 World Juniors championships in the United States. However, it will start early with the exhibition games beginning on Sunday, December 20 and team USA’s games are available on NHL Network.

Here’s the World Junior Championship Game Schedule 2022 including, start time, date, TV channel, location, and more.

GameDateTime (ET)RoundVenue
Finland 3-1 GermanySunday, Dec. 262:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
Sweden 6-3 RussiaSunday, Dec. 264:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
Canada 6-3 Czech RepublicSunday, Dec. 267:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
United States 3-2 SlovakiaSunday, Dec. 269:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
Finland 7-1 AustriaMonday, Dec. 272:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
Russia 4-2 SwitzerlandMonday, Dec. 274:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
Germany 2-1 (OT) Czech RepublicMonday, Dec. 277:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
Sweden 3-0 SlovakiaMonday, Dec. 279:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
Switzerland 1-0 United StatesTuesday, Dec. 284:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
Canada 11-2 AustriaTuesday, Dec. 287:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
Finland 1-0 Czech RepublicWednesday, Dec. 292:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
Slovakia 1-0 RussiaWednesday, Dec. 294:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
CancelledWednesday, Dec. 297:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
CancelledWednesday, Dec. 299:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
CancelledThursday, Dec. 304:30 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
CancelledThursday, Dec. 307:00 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
CancelledFriday, Dec. 312:00 PMPreliminaryEdmonton
CancelledFriday, Dec. 314:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
CancelledFriday, Dec. 317:00 pmPreliminaryEdmonton
CancelledFriday, Dec. 319:30 pmPreliminaryRed Deer
5B vs 5A (Cancelled)Sunday, Jan. 212:00 pmRelegationRed Deer
TBD (Cancelled)Sunday, Jan. 22:30 pmQuarterfinalEdmonton
TBD (Cancelled)Sunday, Jan. 25:00 pmQuarterfinalRed Deer
TBD (Cancelled)Sunday, Jan. 27:30 pmQuarterfinalEdmonton
TBD (Cancelled)Sunday, Jan. 210:00 pmQuarterfinalRed Deer
5A vs 5B (Cancelled)Monday, Jan. 312:00 pmRelegationRed Deer
TBD (Cancelled)Tuesday, Jan. 43:00 pmSemifinalEdmonton
TBD (Cancelled)Tuesday, Jan. 47:00 pmSemifinalEdmonton
5B vs 5A (Cancelled)Wednesday, Jan. 512:00 pmRelegationEdmonton
L28 vs L27 (Cancelled)Wednesday, Jan. 54:00 pmThird-placeEdmonton
W28 vs W27 (Cancelled)Wednesday, Jan. 58:00 pmChampionshipEdmonton