WJC 2025 United States TV Schedule

The NHL Network has exclusive broadcasting rights to Team USA’s games in the 2025 IIHF World Junior Championship. Team United States will begin their showdown against Canada on Thursday, December 27, 2024, at TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Canada live on NHL Network. Here is your team’s United States full schedule including start time, date, location, and TV channel.

What time does United States’ World Juniors Championships today?

The United States and Canada face off in the IIHF World Junior Championship Game on Friday, December 27 at TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Canada.

What TV does it on today?

The United States 2024 World Juniors Championships games live stream is available on NHL Network, visit the website or download the app to stream now.

2024 Team USA World Junior Championship Results:

DateGameTIME (EST)ResultsArena
Tue. Dec. 26vs NORFinalUSA 4, NOR 1Frolundaborg Arena, Gothenburg
Wed. Dec. 28vs SUIFinalUSA 11, SUI 3Frolundaborg Arena, Gothenburg
Thu. Dec. 29vs CZEFinalUSA 4, CZE 3Frolundaborg Arena, Gothenburg
Sat. Dec. 31vs SVKFinalUSA 10, SVK 2Frolundaborg Arena, Gothenburg


DateGameTime (EST)ResultsLocation
Tue, Jan 2. 2024vs LATFinalUSA 7, LAT 2Scandinavium Arena, Gothenburg


DateGameTime (EST)ResultsLocation
Fri, Jan 4. 2024vs FINFinalUSA 3, FIN 2Scandinavium Arena, Gothenburg

Gold Medal Championship Game

DateGameTime (EST)ResultsLocation
Fri, Jan 5. 2024vs. SWEFinalUSA 6, SWE 2Scandinavium, Gothenburg

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