2023 WJC Team Germany Hockey Roster

The 2023 World Junior Championship will be held in Halifax, and Moncton in Canada. Who is playing today, what position, current team, and updated results do you need to know? Here is the full list of the Germany hockey team’s rosters and players’ current positions, who are playing today, what position, current team, and updated results you need to know.

NumberPlayerPositionHeightWeightYearCurrent Team
10Yannick ProskeForward6’219519Iserlohn Roosters (DEL)
11Philipp KreningForward6’017618EC Red Bull Salzburg (AlpsHL)
13Nikolaus HeiglForward5’1017919EC Red Bull Salzburg (AlpsHL)
14Quirin BaderForward5’1016519EC Red Bull Salzburg (AlpsHL)
15Bennet RossmyForward6’421219Eisbären Berlin (DEL)
17Luca HaufForward5’1119218Edmonton (WHL)
18Julian LutzForward6’219218EHC Red Bull Munich (DEL)
19Eric HordlerForward6’117618Eisbären Berlin (DEL)
20Veit OswaldForward6’117218EHC Red Bull Munich (DEL)
21Ryan Del MonteForward5’1118119London (OHL)
23Thomas HeiglForward5’1118319EC Red Bull Salzburg (AlpsHL)
24Roman KechterForward5’1118318Nürnberg Ice Tigers (DEL)
25Robin van CalsterForward6’019819Kölner Haie (DEL)
2Bayan BetteharDefence6’220318Eisbären Berlin (DEL)
4Philip SinnDefence6’218718EC Red Bull Salzburg (AlpsHL)
5Nils EltenDefence6’217619Iserlohn Roosters (DEL)
12Leon van der LindeDefence6’018119ESV Kaufbeuren (DEL2)
22Philipp BidoulDefence6’017919ESV Kaufbeuren (DEL2)
27Julian WaserDefence6’019019Lausitzer Füchse (DEL2)
28Adrian KleinDefence6’319819Straubing Tigers (DEL)


NumberPlayerPositionHeightWeightYearCurrent Team
1Rihards BabulisGoaltender6’016319EC Bad Neuheim (DEL2)
29Simon WolfGoaltender6’219618EC Red Bull Salzburg (AlpsHL)
30Nikita QuappGoaltender6’420319Eisbären Berlin (DEL)

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